Hello! We are Whitney and Alan. We are both full-time photographers and the creative minds behind Grey Giraffe. We launched our modest little studio in 2010. Since then, we have shot hundreds of weddings across the state and country.

We feel incredibly lucky to call Utah home and, together with our three young boys, and a new baby girl (yay!), we love getting out whenever we can to explore all that this incredible State has to offer. We are both native Utahns who grew up with parents who routinely took us camping, backpacking, and exploring. That instilled in both of us a lifelong love for the wild.  Apart from meeting and working with so many beautiful and inspiring people, being able to spend so much time outdoors is the best part of our jobs as photographers.

Other things that we love include finding new brunching spots, spontaneous weekend trips, and getting sidetracked in deep conversation with our friends and family.

We believe in the power of a good photograph. For us, a good picture conveys the emotion, and connection, and empathy between two people that no other medium can. Creating that sort of art is addicting. If you value and want to create images that embody that kind of lasting feeling, we'd be a great fit for you!





While earning my BFA there were two types of photography that really spoke to me: documentary and fine art. I want to remember how something felt as much as how it looked. I need photographs to speak truth, without sacrificing aesthetic. I am interested in the whole story, not just the camera-ready moments. I cry during toasts and first dances, and shamelessly fall in love with each couple I work with. Working with people who share my vision, and being a witness to their most important moments, is why I do what I do.




CALI HEBER | photographer

My name is Cali and I have lived most of my life in Utah surrounded by the beautiful mountains and national parks. I have used photography as a creative outlet since the age of 14 when I received my first camera. I studied photography, Art and Art History in college and received my Bachelor's degree at Utah State University. My photography work reflects my love of modernism, romance and organic elements. My greatest passion, however, is recording life's special moments with the couples and families I have the opportunity to work with.




Photography is a life blood for me, among other things like writing and literature. Taking photos is a way to capture what I have no words for. From vast landscapes, to tiny lace details on a dress, I am frequently speechless at how much beauty is obvious and not so obvious around us. I love capturing images to hold onto what I find heart stopping and help others to see it too.