If a little rain on the wedding day is good luck, then Lynelle and CJ are going to have enough and to spare for a lifetime!

Their event got underway at 4:00 and within about 30 minutes the rain started coming down... and it basically did not let up all night. If anything, it just got harder and harder. But, they were such good sports about it and we worked together to make the most of it. Normally, Millcreek Inn is so beautiful in late fall with the soft, evening sunlight filtering through the pines. We were not blessed with those conditions this night, however. But what I learned is how beautiful their venue is in a storm as well. I especially love how the colors in her flowers and on the potted plants around the venue. 

Lynelle and CJ also hired our photo booth for the night, which was so much fun. It's so great seeing entire families and large groups of friends being able to fit inside the photo booth! 

Below are some of the highlights. I hope you like them!