Lauren and John live in St. George, but decided to do a destination wedding in Las Vegas. But it wasn't the drive-in Elvis type of Vegas wedding, rather an upscale classy affair held at Anthem Country Club in Henderson. They only invited a small group of close friends and family, which made for a fun and intimate evening. And with the glow of the Las Vegas strip beaming in through the west-facing windows, that stunning view was the perfect backdrop for such a special night.

They hired both me and Alan for this wedding, so we had a great time spending a little time in Vegas together and absolutely loved spending time with this fantastic couple. A particularly memorable highlight for us was the video that they shared with everyone that juxtaposed their elopement and the happiness of that moment with the tragic terror event in Nice, France. It was a lovely moment where they turned the attention of themselves and towards others. 

Thank you and best wishes!